Flow control silencer G 1/4"-6 mm, pilot-operated check valve

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Body: nickel-plated brass / PA 66, sleeve: PA 66, seals: NBR, holding claws: stainless steel, cartridge: Zinc-plated ZnDC (only silicone-free seals and lubricants are used during assembly)

Temperature range:
-20°C to +80°C

Operating pressure:
0 - 10 bar

This functional combination combines the function of a flow control silencer used to regulate exhaust air flow with that of a check valve that can be unlocked pneumatically (STOP valve). The check valve function can be used for a brief intermediate stop. If a control signal is applied to the female thread, the exhaust air flow is controlled from the male thread to the hose. If there is no control signal on the female thread, the valve locks the flow from the male thread to the hose (venting the actuator), thus causing it to stop briefly. The flow from the hose to the male thread (towards the actuator) is not regulated by the valve and is always possible (regardless of whether or not there is a signal).

•Compact design,
•can be easily adjusted without tools,
•hose and thread connector can be positioned freely, thus allowing for maximum flexibility when installing the tubes
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Version exhaust air flow controlling
G1 G 1/4"
G2 G 1/8"
D [mm] 6
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