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Technical data
s with polycarbonate bowl
Condensate drain Semi-automatic
Model series 1
Flow* [l/min] 560
Thread G 1/4"
L [mm] 57 (Ø 56)
H [mm] 164
H1 [mm] 145
Replacement filter 0,01 µm FILTER DFX 10
Mounting brackets ZW DFX 10
input pressure [bar] 1.5 - 16
Temperature range [°C] 0 to +50
Further information on DFX11
Weight 420 g / Pcs
GTIN 4050571248437
Customs duty number 84213925
RoHS compliant Yes

Description - STANDARD microfilter, G 1/4", model series 1

Filtering using the centrifugal principal and sintered filter

Body: die-cast zinc Z410, condensate container: polycarbonate

Input pressure:
1.5 - 16 bar

Condensate draining:

Compressed air, non-toxic and non-inflammable gases

Operating material without its own potential source of ignition in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU (not model series 9)

Microfilters are used where high requirements are required for the purity of the compressed air requirements. Finest particle (> 0,01 µm) and oil mist is separated here. We recommend the upstream connection of a prefilter to increase the service life.

Dust removal:
> 0.01 µm (99.999 %)

Residual oil content:
0.01 mg/m³ (Class 1 according to DIN ISO 8573-1)

Body: Zinc die-casting Z410, condensate container: Polycarbonate, filter insert: Borosilicate microfibre fleece

Temperature range:
0°C to max. +50°C (metal bowl up to max. +90°C)

Version of the protective cage -S, version with metal bowl with manual drain (0 - 25 bar) -M

*measured at P1 = 6 bar, Delta p = 0,2 bar

**As soon as the input pressure falls below the minimum. input pressure, the drain valve opens automatically. The semi-automatic drain valve can be prevented from opening by screwing the drain screw tight..

All data are to be understood as non-binding reference values! We do not assume liability for any data selection not confirmed in writing. Unless otherwise specified, pressure values refer to liquids from Group II at +20°C.