High-performance precision pressure regulators, 1250 l/min


High performance precision pressure regulators are used in order to adjust an extremely accurate pressure - regardless of pre-pressure and flow performance. It is used for example for control and regulation units in process engineering, which has the highest pressure stability requirements. The precision pressure regulator convinces through low own air consumption and large relief system, both of which can be captured and discharged via a G 1/4" bore hole.

self-relieving (with secondary ventilation) through G 1/4" bore hole

Body: die-cast zinc, diaphragms and seals: NBR

Temperature range:
-10°C bis +60°C

Input pressure:
max. 12 bar

1250 l/min, secondary vent: 500 l/min

Own air consumption:
< 0,5 l/min (at 8 bar input pressure)

Control accuracy:
± 2.5 mbar

Pressure gauge connection:
G 1/8"

unoiled, finely filtered compressed air (5 µm), non-toxic and non-inflammable gases

Switch panel thread:
M 12 x 1 and M 30 x 1.5

•automatic venting in the event of overpressure on the secondary side up to 500 l/min,
•captured exhaust for relief system and own air consumption,
•high flow at constant pressure,
•most precise pressure regulation regardless of the pre-pressure and flow performance

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High-performance precision pressure regulator G 1/4", 0,05 - 8bar
  • Thread

    G 1/4"

  • Pressure regulation range [bar]

    0.05 - 8

  • Mounting bracket

    MW 1

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