Photo switches / Light barriers, M 18 (will be discontinued)


Lens: Acrylic

Temperature range:
-25°C to +55°C

Protection class:
IP 67

Supply voltage:
10 - 30 V DC, max. residual ripple 10%, reverse polarity protection

Control output:
PNP, max. 100 mA at 30 V VC (open collector), short-circuit protection

Operating type:
Light / dark switching

Scope of delivery:
incl. 2 locking nuts

Functional principle, one-way light barriers:
The one-way light barrier consists of a sender (the light source) and a receiver. The light beam from the sender to the receiver forms the "barrier" of the sensor. The object to be detected, intercepts the light beam between the sender and the receiver and the outlet is interconnected. As the detection principle has to do with the interception of the light beam, the function remains unaffected by the colour or shape of the object.

Functional principle retroreflective photoelectric sensors:
The transmitter and receiver are integrated in one housing for the retroreflective photoelectric sensor. The light beam is reflected back from the transmitter to the receiver by a reflector. The object to be recorded interrupts the light beam and the outlet is interconnected. The function here is also not influenced by the colour or object form. In comparison to the one-way light barrier, the retroreflective photoelectric sensor has the advantage that only an active component must be assembled.

Functional principle diffuse-reflective photoelectric sensor:
The diffuse-reflective photoelectric sensor integrates the sensor and the receiver in the same housing similar to the retroreflective photoelectric sensor. However, unlike the retroreflective photoelectric sensors, no reflector is necessary. The sensor does not evaluate the light reflected by the object. The outlet of the sensor is interconnected, when the object reflects the light beam back to the receiver. The specified scanning distances are related to a standard object with 90% re-emission (white paper).

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Omron Stainless steel-One-way light barrier (transmitter and receiver) (E3F27B4S)

Stainless steel Stainless steel

Omron Stainless steel-One-way light barrier (transmitter and receiver)
  • Version

    2 m cable

  • Description

    One-way light barrier (transmitter and receiver)

  • Range [MTR]


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170,29 €

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