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PTFE thread sealing fibre, LOCTITE

Exemplary representation: Loctite thread sealing fibres Exemplary representation: Alternative thread sealing fibre


Thread sealing fibre for applying plastic and metal srew threads. Developed especially for pneumatic, hydraulic and sanitary applications. Replaces hemp, pastes and PTFE sealing tapes. Adjusts to any tube diameter, unlimited durability, resistant to almost all known chemicals, does not harden and always remains soft and adaptable, absolutely inactive, not dangerous and not flammable.


Loctite type: Air, drinking water (max. 16 bar, max. +85°C), hot water (max. 7 bar, max. 130°C), gas (max. 5 bar, -20°C to +70°C), industrial oils, alternative type: Air, drinking water, gas (gaseous form max. 5 bar, liquid form max. 20 bar, -20°C to +125°C), propane, butane, ammonia, hydrogen, oxygen (max. 30 bar, max. +100°C - gaseous form with lubricant, liquid form without lubricant), oils, solvents, acids, alkalis, fuels, refrigerants, steam


DVGW gas & hot water, KTW recommendation, WRAS, (type Loctite additionally: NSF 61, type alternative additionally: BAM for oxygen, ASTM F423 vapour & cold water and KIWA GASTEC)

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Thread sealing fibre, 50 m (Loctite)
Thread sealing fibre, 50 m (Loctite)
9,19€ plus VAT
10,66€ incl. VAT
Thread sealing fibre, 160 m (Loctite)
Thread sealing fibre, 160 m (Loctite)
18,97€ plus VAT
22,01€ incl. VAT
Thread sealing fibre, 175 m (Alternatively)
DB 55/175
Thread sealing fibre, 175 m (Alternatively)
18,65€ plus VAT
21,63€ incl. VAT
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