Swivel joints, rotatable, for tools


For slow rotary movements, e.g. to avoid the twisting of hoses.

Nickel-plated steel

Temperature range:
0°C to +60°C

Operating pressure:
0 - 15 bar

Compressed air

*50° pivotable

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Swivel joints, rotatable, for tools: 3 of 3 items

Drehgelenk R 1/4"-G 1/4"
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    R 1/4"

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    G 1/4"

Immediately available

47,01 €

Drehgelenk R 3/8"-G 3/8"
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    R 3/8"

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    G 3/8"

Immediately available

60,52 €

Drehgelenk G 1/4"-Coupling plug NW 7.2
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    G 1/4"

  • Kupplungsstecker

    Coupling plug NW 7.2

Immediately available

52,73 €

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