Precision pressure regulator (volume booster) G 1/2"

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A remote controlled pressure regulator is used, when high flow rates are required with a constant pressure. The pressure regulator can also be used at inaccessible locations (e.g. in hazardous or ceiling areas). The setting is made using a pilot pressure regulator that can be placed anywhere. The regulated pressure corresponds to the pressure of the remote control bore and is maintained with high precision.

Self-relieving (with large secondary vent G 3/8")

Body: die-cast zinc Z410, diaphragms and seals: NBR

Temperature range:
-35°C do +60°C

Input pressure:
maks. 16 bar

Pressure gauge connection:
G 1/4"

Own air consumption:
1.7 l/min at 6 bar outlet pressure

Control accuracy:
± 2.5 mbar

Control connection:
G 1/8"

unoiled, finely filtered compressed air (5 µm), non-toxic and non-inflammable gases

6500 l/min, secondary vent: 800 l/min

Operating material without its own potential source of ignition in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU

•Automatic venting in the event of overpressure on the secondary side through a large venting borehole (G 3/8") with up to 800 l/min,
•High flow at constant pressure,
•Remote-controlled pressure regulation using pilot regulator (when using a precision pressure regulator as a pilot, it is possible to set the pressure very accurately),
•Most precise pressure regulation regardless of the pre-pressure and flow performance,
•Can be used at up to -35°C

For best regulation results, please use the precision pressure regulator with feedback connection Type DRF 31-7 FB

Dieses Gerät wird ohne Manometer geliefert. Wir empfehlen ein geeignetes Manometer separat hinzu zu bestellen.
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Oblika Precision pressure regulator
Navoj G 1/2"
Območje reguliranja tlaka 0,05 - 10
H 107
H1 65,5
Pritrdilni nosilec BW 30
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