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Krogelne pipe z elektricnim rotacijskim pogonom (industrijska izvedba), do 40 bar

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•2 additional limit switches,
•Torque cut-off,
•Variable voltage (DC or AC),
•Manual override,
•Heater integrated in actuator housing,
•Construction according to DIN 3202-M3 and DVGW certified (PN 5 / MOP 5) for G 1/2" - G 2"

Ball valve


Housing: nickel-plated brass, ball: hard chromium plated brass, seal: PTFE / FKM

Temperature range:

-20°C up to max. +160°C (G 2-1/2" - G 3": max. +120°C), Gas: -20°C to max. +60°C)

Operating range:

Water, compressed air, vacuum (max. -0.9 bar), oils, fuels, heating oil, solvents, colours, paints, weak acids and alkalis

Rotary actuator


Electrical rotary actuator with optical position indicator, manual emergency operation and switch room heating Two additional limit switches are installed for further control requirements. An electronic torque limiting unit prevents damage in the event of overload. The manual emergency operation can be done without dismantling the external cladding. Do not use upside down!


housing: PA 6

Temperature range:

-20°C do +70°C


24 - 240 V AC / 24 - 135 V DC, (actuators can be powered with AC or DC voltage).

Protection class:

IP 67

Power-on time:



Regulating time 140 sec. (only for drive size 2, 85 - 240V AC/DC or special design 24V AC/DC: KH...ELI 24-140) -140, "Battery Safety Return" for emergency closing NC (default configuration) or emergency opening NO (conversion with a jumper) when there is a power failure -BSR, Positioning system 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA (conversion with a jumper), precision: 3%, linearity: 2%, hysteresis: 3%, switch position NC or NO (conversion with a jumper) -DPS


In case of high media temperatures, the actuator must be cooled if necessary!

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  • Catalogue page Atlas 9 (Page 538) atlas9_seiten/538.pdf
    Dokumentacijo doku/kheli.pdf
    Function and structure of an electrical ball valve
    Secure electrically operated ball valves with the BSR system!
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Krogelne pipe z elektricnim rotacijskim pogonom (industrijska izvedba), do 40 bar:
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