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Predfilter - PE, 25 µm

Zgleden uprizoritev: Complete filter Zgleden uprizoritev: Steam trap Zgleden uprizoritev: replacement element Zgleden uprizoritev: Wall bracket Zgleden uprizoritev: Type UFM 12

Operating range:

For the removal of solid contaminants (Dust), dirt-oil-water aerosols up to less than 25 µm from compressed air and gaseous media. The prefilter, for.example. also filters abrasive, graphite, cement and cretaceous dust, etc. This prefilter increases the service life of upstream MF or SMF filters.


Pre-filters are used for regulating instrument air and control air in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and also in plastic, food, beverage and process industries as well as in general mechanical engineering. They are installed to increase the service life of MF and SMF filters.


housing: Aluminium with blue polyester resin coating, filter medium: pure, highly molecular polyethylene with aluminium end caps, O-rings: NBR (free of releasing agent and silicone)

Temperature range:

maks. +60°C

Input pressure:

1 - 16 bar

Pore width in the filter:

25 µm

Condensate drain:

Hose screw connection for inner hose Ø 8 (steam trap is mounted in a condensate borehole G 1/2")

Scope of delivery:

Filter housing, filter element, differential pressure gauge and automatic drainer
*at +20°C and 7 bar overpressure

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Predfilter - PE, 25 µm:
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Prefilter G 1/4" (IG)
Prefilter G 3/8" (IG)
Prefilter G 3/8" (IG)
Prefilter G 1/2" (IG)
Prefilter G 1/2" (IG)
Prefilter G 3/4" (IG)
Prefilter G 1" (IG)
Prefilter G 1-1/4" (IG)
Prefilter G 1-1/2" (IG)
Prefilter G 2" (IG)
Prefilter G 2" (IG)
Prefilter G 2-1/2" (IG)
Prefilter G 3" (IG)
Prefilter G 3" (IG)
Kondensatableiter 1/2" automatisch
Kondensatableiter 1/2" automatisch
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