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Zracni varcevalni ventili - regulatorji tlaka s protipovratnim ventilom

Zgleden uprizoritev: Air-conserving valve with female thread Zgleden uprizoritev: Basic valves with push-in fitting Zgleden uprizoritev: Basic valves with hose connection Zgleden uprizoritev: Female thread Zgleden uprizoritev: push in fitting Zgleden uprizoritev: tube connection / hose connection Application examples Schematic symbol

Temperature range:

-10°C do +70°C

Operating pressure:

1 - 16 bar

Pressure regulation range:

1 - 8 bar


Compressed air, neutral gases


•In many applications, the working pressure is only required in one direction. Consequently, significant air can be saved by reducing the reset pressure.
•The configured pressure also remains constant when the input pressure drops.
•If the primary pressure builds up from the thread side, the configured pressure will escape on the connection side. The compressed air can flow through a bypass in the opposing direction without a throttle. The pressure regulator can also be inserted behind a valve.

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Zracni varcevalni ventili - regulatorji tlaka s protipovratnim ventilom:
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